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In the UK, The Office of National Statistics (ONS) reported that 297,000 people chose to emigrate in 2015. Research shows that most people decide to emigrate because of new job opportunities. But, whatever your reasons, selling your home quickly to Vivo could be a good way of streamlining an often challenging process.

At Vivo, we understand that taking that step into the unknown and dealing with the practicalities of moving abroad can make for a stressful experience. The lack of time, tight moving deadlines and research into your new home can make selling your house more difficult, especially if you choose to try selling on the open market.

If you’re planning on selling up and moving abroad, we can help you free up the cash from your property quickly and safely, by buying your house with 100% cash, so that you can start planning your new life abroad.

Here’s how we can help with your emigration plans:

[do action=”accordian” accordiantitle=”Less stress and more time to do your research” accordianexcerpt=””]Wherever you move, you’re likely to run into new laws and local customs which you will need to prepare for. Your housing, tax, healthcare, pension, banking, transport, insurance and more can all change, so there can be a lot to organise when moving away. Because we pay all the fees and deal with the sale, if you decide to sell to us you will have more time to focus on getting ready for your new life.[/do]

[do action=”accordian” accordiantitle=”You can stay in your house after you sell it” accordianexcerpt=””]

Spend more time organising your belongings for the move, avoiding the need to shift all of your things twice or stay with friends or family.


[do action=”accordian” accordiantitle=”A definite lump sum in your account” accordianexcerpt=””]It can take months to see any money if you put your house on the market through an estate agent. Selling your house to Vivo can give you certainty about your finances, letting you get on with the search for your next property.[/do]

[do action=”accordian” accordiantitle=”A completely transparent and honest process” accordianexcerpt=””]One of the many benefits of selling to VIVO is that you get to deal with us directly. As we are a family run business we have no investors or banks to report to. We want work with you to ensure a stress free, successful house sale. Every situation is unique and we adapt to the needs of the seller.[/do]

[do action=”accordian” accordiantitle=”Avoid needing a loan for your new home” accordianexcerpt=””]Selling your home on the open market can often take longer than first anticipated. Even when you’re dealing with a reliable buyer, the legal side of things can often incur delays and in most cases is not a quick process. With Vivo buying your property in a fast and transparent manner, you can move on and buy that new home.[/do]

[do action=”accordian” accordiantitle=”We guarantee to buy your house” accordianexcerpt=””]As cash buyers we aren’t involved in any chains so there is no risk of us pulling out or the deal falling through: This helps us to be flexible, move quicker and offer the most competitive prices for your house compared to other property buyers.[/do]

So if you feel like a fast house sale will make your move abroad easier, feel free to complete our no obligation enquiry form below or pick up the phone and call us on 0800 773 4922.

You can also find a useful moving abroad check list from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office here.

Good Luck!

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