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Selling a house after bereavement

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Posted on: November 26th, 2014 by Vivo_Team

An empty family lounge - Bereavement house sale

Losing a loved one is hard, whether it’s a partner, friend or relative – and that’s before the complex bureaucratic and financial issues.

Following a bereavement and amidst organising a funeral and sorting the will, a quick bereavement house sale might make this difficult time more bearable.

Here at Vivo we understand that selling a house after a bereavement is tough and we would like to share a few tips that will help ease the process for you…

Secure the property

If the house is now unoccupied it is important that you secure the property accordingly to protect any of the previous owner’s possessions. It may be worth popping in every now and again just to check that all is intact. And, for an extra sense of security, you could set a timer on the lights to give the house a lived-in look to passers-by.

Care for the pets

Pets are often left to others in a will, however, they’ll still need looking after during the time in-between. Ensure that they are fed and seen to appropriately or if you’re unable to take them into your own home, ask another relative or temporarily place them in care.

Cancel subscriptions

In times of grief, sometimes the smallest of things such as recurring orders and subscriptions are overlooked. Make sure you cancel orders and services such as gardeners, cleaners and the milk to avoid any unexpected charges.

Sell the house quickly

The property market is continually changing so it can be near impossible to know how quickly your house will sell. Furthermore, the longer the sales process is drawn out, the longer it’ll take to begin fully moving on with your life. We understand that a bereavement house sale is a tough and emotional process, that’s why we offer private house sales that are quick and flexible. After the sale is completed and the funds are received, we’re happy to let you stay in your property for a couple of weeks rent-free until you’ve found your feet. There is no rush once the exchanged has happened which may be useful in your situation.

We understand that you might still be coping with bereavement and truly hope that the above advice answers some doubts you may have around what to do next with the house.

With this in mind, you should opt for a company who buys houses outright and fast – eliminating the stress of waiting for the house to sell or the sale to go through. At Vivo we have developed a simple 3 step process that helps people like you, sell their house fast without hassle.

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