Posted by Vivo_Team on December 20th, 2016

For our latest piece of property advice, we look at the potential of downsizing, and why Vivo may work for you if you are looking to relocate to a cosier abode. But firstly:

What is downsizing?
In the property industry, ‘downsizing’ is the act of moving from a large property to a smaller home. Here we have outlined how downsizing your house doesn’t have to be difficult.

Why would I want to downsize?
Downsizing is a common, natural and logical move to make for most people in the UK, particularly when homeowners are nearing the age of retirement. Another motivation for downsizing is when homeowners’ children have ‘flown the nest’ leaving them with a large property or ‘empty nest’, one that no longer suits the needs of its occupants. Living in a property that is noticeably large can also be lonely and distinctly unhomely too. People often find themselves only living in certain areas of the house, leaving substantial sections of the home unused, such as additional bedrooms and large gardens. However, homeowners still have to pay for the areas of the house that they no longer use (such as general utility bills) and spend time maintaining the property which can be tiresome. Ultimately, you want your property to cater to what is important for you, and more often than not a smaller, cosier home reflects this, than a larger, family home.

cosy and small lounge of a downsized home

7 benefits of downsizing your home include:

If you feel that selling your home to Vivo is the right choice for you, get in touch with us by filling in the short form below and we can make you an offer in under an hour. If you want some inspiration for really smaller properties, read our Tiny Houses Guide!

George wanted to downsize but didn’t feel comfortable having lots of people view his house. We made an offer George was happy with and once we were all agreed and our solicitors were instructed, George started looking for another, smaller property to buy.  We agreed with George that he was welcome to stay in the house until his new purchase completed. This way, George had the guarantee of having enough money to buy the new place, and still had a place to live in the meantime. Once his new purchase was ready to complete, full funds were released and George moved into the new apartment.

Here’s what George had to say about selling his home to Vivo Property Buyers:

I am extremely pleased with the whole thing because the people I dealt with where honest & kind and made me feel comfortable in all aspects of the sale. Many thanks to them.

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