Posted by Vivo_Team on November 26th, 2014

We understand that going through a divorce can be a difficult time for all involved, and amongst everything that’s going on, deciding what to do with your marital home can be tough.

A house isn’t just bricks and mortar. To many people, their home means so much more; it’s a place where moments have been shared and memories made. This, of course, makes it all the more difficult to decide whether one of you should remain in the property or sell the house quickly after divorce. With so many factors to consider, it’s important to take your time in this period of change.

If you do decide to sell your house after a divorce, here are a few things you can do and keep in mind to help ease the process…

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Agree on what to do with your house

While this might sound obvious, deciding whether to stay in your house or sell isn’t always that straightforward. Balancing the technicalities and issues of a divorce and selling a property at the same time is certain to be challenging, but manageable. You’ll need to factor in any practicalities, for example, will a sole income cover the cost of the house, do you have children who are settled in at a nearby school and do you work close to the house?

In the case of an unamicable divorce or the need for a quick change in living arrangements, you may wish to sell your house fast. The property market can be slow and unpredictable, so the best option for you to consider is selling your house fast to a fast property buyer

Make a list of who gets what

If you’ve been married and cohabiting for a few years, you’re likely to have accumulated a number of possessions between you.

It’s important that you’re both open and honest about the items you’d like to keep – this will probably require some compromising and maturity, but it’s better to amicably agree on this and jot down a list, rather that involve a costly lawyer to split your possessions.

While some of your things will hold a lot of sentimental value, you should be prepared to let some things go for the sake of peace.

De-clutter your house

Once you’ve fairly split your possessions (and written it down to keep things simple when it comes to moving house), you should vigorously de-clutter your house to help maximise its value. Get rid of the things that neither of you wish to keep and give to charity (where possible). Divorce house sales can be tough, but this process should help you get the fresh start you both need.

Work out a budget for your next property

Be aware that the names on the original deeds to your marital home will affect how much money you receive from the sale.

To find out how much of a mortgage you’ll be entitled to and how much you’re likely to receive from the sale of the property, it’s wise to seek professional advice from your solicitor and an independent financial advisor.

Acquaint yourself with the property industry

For any recent divorcee, you may have been settled in your current property for a long time, and may be out of touch with recent developments in the property industry. With advancements in technology, the property industry is more diverse than ever and this shapes how you can now sell your house in a variety of different manners. Read Vivo’s latest property selling guides, from the rise of house buying companies, to effective ways to sell your property online.

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