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In order to give you an efficient, fast house sale, meaning full funds in your account within 1-2 weeks, we offer roughly 85-90% of what is believed to be the current market value of your property.

Unlike other property buying companies, when we give you a quoted offer you will receive the full amount. No deductions.

We cover all the costs associated with selling your property to Vivo, including the survey and solicitors’ fees.

It’s scary how much a house sale can actually cost. After finding a buyer on the open market and accepting their offer, you could still be paying thousands in charges and fees, which can substantially impact any profit.

At Vivo, we won’t surprise you like this. Whatever we offer, you get.

Let’s see the difference in costs between selling to Vivo or on the open market…

The average price of a property in the UK is £200,000 – so we’ll use that as an example!

Usual basic costs after accepting an offer:

If you were to sell on the open market at £200,000, you would receive £191,500 within 3-4 months (at the earliest), not guaranteed.

However, if you sold your home to Vivo at £200,000, you would receive £200,000 within the next fortnight, guaranteed.

Something we’d like you to keep in mind; your own gut feeling sometimes goes a long way. If you have a figure in mind that you’d be happy to sell for, work with that!

Estate agents’ valuations are just that; “valuations”. It’s not a figure you should have your heart set on. Their valuations don’t mean anything until someone has physically paid you this sum. We all know that people are let down at the last minute by unreliable, unsure or under prepared potential buyers all too often.

Agents can only do their best to try and find a buyer at your ideal price but, sadly, they don’t have a crystal ball and can’t predict the future. There really is no guarantee that the high-bidding buyer will come along, and it’s hard to predict how long that process of wishing and waiting will last.

Our offer is real and tangible. It’s there for you to take and enjoy. Selling your house fast to Vivo is a smooth, effortless and stress-free process!

It’s worth hearing us out! Just fill out our quick, no obligation form and see what we can offer you.

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