Ensuring a fair deal for all

To guarantee a fair and accurate offer, we start by carrying out in-depth research to value your home on which the initial offer is based.

The following 3 steps are followed for each and every property that comes our way:

Offer Package


Receive your Formal Offer package

When selling your property directly to Vivo, you’ll benefit from the full Vivo package. Of course, the price is important, but so are the extra benefits too:

  • Speedy sale = money in the bank within 7-14 days (or your desired timescale)
  • No agency commission to pay
  • No further mortgage payments
  • No further water, electricity and gas bills
  • No further council tax bills
  • Offer accepted = sale secured
  • No price drops later down the line
  • Timescales are honoured



How much will Vivo pay?

In return for a speedy, secure sale, Vivo pay:

  • 85% of the above valuation
  • All your legal fees
  • Clearing and cleaning costs
  • Decorating and refurbishment costs

And not to forget, the team is here to support and advise you, and to keep you informed every step of the way. Communication is key.


Your sale is now secure

At Vivo, we promise that:

  • There will be no price drops later down the line
  • Timescales for completion are honoured
  • We can agree on a flexible moving out date that suits you
  • Once the purchase is complete, we’re still here to help you in your next move

Here's an example

By having Vivo buy your house, not only is it fast but it can save you money in the long run. In order to conduct a quick sale we offer 85% of market value. But with the slow nature of the property market, you can actually get more for your money, faster with a lot less hassle!

Sales process 6 months
Open market
7-14 days
Vivo Property Buyers
Market value (advertised price) £200,000 £200,000
Agreed price (average 5% discount) £190,000 £170,000
Final price after post-survey negotiation (average 3% discount) £184,000 £170,000
Estate agent fees (2% + VAT) £179,877 £170,000
Solicitor fees (average £2,000) £177,877 £170,000
Cosmetic repairs to property £176,877 £170,000
Council tax & utility bills (£400 per month) £174,477 £170,000
Monthly mortgage repayments (£1,100 per month) £167,877 £170,000
Gas safety certificated £167,777 £170,000
Risk of sale breaking down High risk Secured sale

Final Price
Final Price

Some valuation tips we’d like to share:


Estate agents work in a highly competitive industry. Understandably some can often overvalue properties to win the business and have a chance at selling your property.


Online property valuation tools often give false hope. They use online data to place a value on your home, which generally includes sold prices of similar properties in your area and market conditions. Much more needs to be kept in mind when valuing a property, data which is not readily available online such as:

  • Any major changes to the layout or size
  • Condition of the house
  • Size of the plot
  • Being on the popular or undesired end of the road
  • New developments being built across the road
  • Structural problems

RICS qualified surveyors (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) are entirely impartial. They have no benefit in under or overvaluing your house. It is their profession and responsibility to value your property accurately.


A valuation is always an estimate. This is never set in stone. A property is only ever worth what someone else is willing to pay for it.

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