Want to know more about the Vivo process?

As experienced property buyers, we’ve helped people in a variety of different housing situations. You may have a question or two about how the process works and how we are different to traditional estate agents. Discover some frequently asked questions below about selling your property and how we can help you when you’re struggling to sell.

The basics

What is a property buying company?

We buy properties directly from you with our own money, so there’s no need for any estate agents or middlemen. This means we don’t need to find you a buyer, because we ARE your buyer. There is less hassle, no chain and a speedier sale!

Does it cost anything to get an offer from Vivo?

No, our offer will always remain free and you are under no obligation to accept it. We’ll even tell you if we don’t think we’re the right buyers for your situation. We’re honest, fair and transparent.

In what locations do you buy properties?

We’re a small, family run team, so we primarily focus on buying properties in the South East of England. You can check our map to see if we buy in your area.

Money matters

Within what price range do you buy houses?

We typically buy properties in the region of between £100,000 and £450,000.

How much will I get for selling my property to you?

In return for a secure 7-14 day sale Vivo offer 85% of the estimated current market value of your property. This includes all legal fees, clearance, cleaning and refurbishment costs.

How much is my home worth?

The estimated current market value of your home is based on the property type, style, size, condition, historical information and sales data in the area.

Is the price fixed?

Yes, once you have accepted Vivo’s Formal Offer, the price is fixed and set in stone. Your sale is secure.

Note: there are 5 steps before receiving your formal offer:

  1. Following receipt of your enquiry, Vivo will call you for an introduction.
  2. Next, Vivo will carry out an in depth desktop valuation.
  3. You will then receive the Initial Offer Package outlining the offer price, timings, what’s included in the sale as well as more information on the sale process.
  1. If the Initial Offer Package is of interest, Vivo will organise and pay for an independent RICS Surveyor to visit your property and carry out a Valuation.
  1. Upon receipt of the valuation report, the offer will be formalised*. Once you have accepted this Offer, the price is fixed.

*Our desktop valuations are very detailed and thorough, resulting in 96% of our Formal Offers remaining at the same level as our initial offers

Do I have to pay anything?

No. There are no fees for you to pay at any stage when selling your house to Vivo.

Vivo pay for the RICS Valuation, Legal fees, clearance, cleaning, any decorating or refurbishment works which might be needed.

Vivo will even reimburse you for postage costs and other general administration costs related to your sale – just keep the receipts and send them over to us at any time.

Why do Vivo pay all the fees?

We believe that the responsibility is on us to ensure an official, fast and fair sales process. This is why the costs related to the house sale are paid for by us – from the RICS survey to your solicitor’s fees.

How do you calculate your offer?

The offer you will receive is based on the information you give us, historical sales data for your home, stats about your area which are sourced online as well as a Valuation carried out by an independent RICS Surveyor. We will always share our findings with you, so you can see exactly what our offer is based on.

How it works

How do you buy properties so quickly?

By keeping it simple. We buy with our own cash and do not depend on banks or third party investors.

The team is available 24/7 and the legal team who are on board specialise in fast house sales. It’s what we do on a daily basis and each property receives our full attention.

A 7 day sale for freehold properties is feasible, leasehold properties tend to take a little longer depending on the freeholder and managing agents.

Is the property sale private?

Your property sale will remain strictly confidential with no ‘For Sale’ board outside your home. We’re part of the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and follow their set of rules to protect your details, keeping everything completely confidential.

Do you buy with tenants in place?

Yes we do! You don’t need to give notice to your tenants and you can keep receiving your rental income up until the day you exchange on the sale of your property.

Your protection

Can I trust Vivo Property Buyers?

Absolutely. As committed members of the National Association of Property Buyers and The Property Ombudsman, you can rest assured that we follow a strict set of guidelines to protect you as our valued customer.

When am I tied into the sale?

With Vivo, you are only ever tied in after you have exchanged on the sale. We do not ask you to sign any formal documents, all legal work goes via the allocated solicitors.

Once you have accepted our Formal Offer and solicitors are instructed, we are 100% committed to the purchase of your home and we hope you are equally committed to the sale to Vivo. The trust comes from both sides.

I’ve heard house buying companies change their price at the last minute. Is this something Vivo do?

Absolutely not. Once you’ve accepted our formal offer, the sale amount will not change and there are never any last-minute surprises, so you always know exactly how much you will receive.

Do you offer any guarantees with the house sale?

Once you’ve accepted our formal offer, your sale is guaranteed. You’ll know exactly how much you’ll receive and when you’ll receive it. As we buy property using our own cash, we’ll be ready to proceed with your sale straight away.

Reasons for selling

My property isn’t in great condition. Will you still buy it?

That’s not a problem for Vivo! We buy properties on a sold as seen basis, and like any other buyer, we’ll take into consideration the condition of your property for our offer.

I’m relocating soon and I need to sell my property fast! Can you help?

Yes! Whilst relocating might be exciting, it can be difficult for existing homeowners trying to sell quickly. You can secure a guaranteed sale with our fast and efficient service, helping you to focus on other aspects of your new journey.

I’m getting divorced, can you buy my house?

Of course – we’ve had many clients who have needed to sell quickly due to divorce. We understand that this situation is particularly tough and needs to be dealt with quickly and without surprises. Therefore we guarantee you a fast sale along with no fees, making a Vivo a great choice for couples who are going through divorce proceedings.

I’ve inherited a property that I don’t intend to live in, will you buy it?

Yes – situations involving inherited properties can be difficult to resolve, especially if several siblings are involved or you live far away from the property itself. We help clients in a variety of scenarios and offer a quick, stress-free sale of their inherited property.

I’m close to having my house repossessed. Can you buy it quickly?

We’re sorry to hear of your situation but want to assure you that you can regain control with a quick house sale which will provide a fast cash release to avoid property repossession and a poor credit rating.

I have a buyer but they’re not ready to proceed yet. Can you help?

Because we purchase your property using our own money, we are chain-free and completely proceedable. This means that we can buy your house within just 7 working days without having to wait for any additional parties.

My sale is being held up by others in the property chain and I feel stuck. How can I sell quickly?

As we’re not part of a property chain, we’re instantly proceedable and therefore able to purchase your property immediately. This makes Vivo a fast alternative to chains, so get in touch for a quick sale without any hassle or hold ups!

My house sale fell through. What can I do?

First of all, we’re sorry to hear this. A sale falling through can be stressful and cause even further delays, but we can help! Once you accept our final offer, you’ll be back on track with a guaranteed sale. There’ll be no last-minute surprises in sight!

The sale process

Is there a lot of paperwork to deal with?

Honestly, there are quite a few documents to complete.

A property sale is not a simple transaction and requires qualified solicitors to carry out the conveyancing work.

Vivo offers a quick and easy sale, however you will still need to allocate some time to complete the necessary paperwork. Your solicitor and Vivo will help where possible.

To make things easier, a representative can come and visit you to assist with completing the paperwork and post back on your behalf.

How long does the house sale take?

Your sale can be completed in as soon as 7 working days, but we’re fully flexible and will work around a schedule that suits you. This is feasible for Freehold properties. Realistically most Vivo sales take place within 7-28 working days, so it gives you, the vendor, enough time to complete the necessary paperwork and obtain the necessary advice. Leasehold properties can take a little longer and are dependant on the Freeholder or Managing agent’s cooperation.

Can I stay in my property after the sale?

We work to a timeframe that suits you, and sometimes that means allowing you to stay in the property for an agreed period after the sale has completed to help you focus on your next move!

When do I have to move out?

You decide when you move. Vivo will work towards your ideal timescales.

To make your move easier, we are happy for you to stay in your house for 2 – 3 weeks after receiving the full funds so you can use the funds for your move and plan ahead.

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