When it comes to selling your home, it’s important to do your research – it’s a big decision after all! To help you make an informed choice, here are just a few of the key benefits of using Vivo Property Buyers for a quick house sale…


It's fast!

As a seller, you’re most likely looking for a quick sale and efficient process. By using a specialist property buying service, you could complete on your sale and have the cash in your account within just seven working days!

As a small and flexible organisation, we like to get things done with as little fuss, stress or sluggishness as possible, making the process simple and saving you time.

There’s no waiting around for solicitors – we’re in touch with them on an hourly basis. With a legal team specialised in fast house sales, you’ll complete on your sale much faster than you would on the open market.


It's private

By selling directly to Vivo Property Buyers, you can keep the sale completely private. There’s no need to tell everyone your plans or put a ‘For Sale’ sign outside your house. You won’t even have to endure viewings and all the discomfort of having strange people traipsing through your house on a regular basis. There’s nothing quite like the peace and quiet that a private property sale provides.


It's secure

Once you’ve accepted an offer from Vivo Property Buyers, your sale is guaranteed. You’ll know exactly how much you’ll receive, and when you’ll receive it. You’re kept informed throughout the entire process, helping you, as the seller, stay in control of your own sale.

Your property is purchased directly using cash from Vivo – there are no investors involved or borrowing money from banks. This means that the cash is ready to go and there’s no waiting around for decisions, so you can sell your house faster!


We pay all legal fees and costs

The offer you accept is the exact amount you will receive in your bank account. When you sell a property, the costs can really mount up. It can be a nasty surprise to be hit by an unexpectedly large legal bill, and the estate agent’s commission can take a chunk out of your final payment too. When you sell to Vivo, your legal fees and costs are paid for you. There are no catches, surprises or uncertainty – just a fast house sale to a specialist property buyer.


Sold as seen

Rather than you running up a hefty refurbishment bill, preparing your property for sale, Vivo buy your property just as it is. Small refurbishment works don’t tend to add any significant value to your property, certainly no more than it would have cost you, and it adds more time onto the selling process. Instead, you can sell your home regardless of its condition, without the need for any refurbishment.


Accept offer, receive funds, and only then, move

When selling to Vivo Property Buyers, you can complete the sale and receive your full funds before you move. You can even take a few weeks afterwards to sort out your move! Nothing has to be synchronised, and you’re not rushed into giving up control of your property until you’re ready to. Instead, you’ll get a flexible sale that is tailored to your timeline, making the move relaxed and enjoyable.


Be in control of your sale

You decide when you want to receive the money. In stark contrast to what you would expect, a property seller is too often in the backseat, with little-to-no control over the sale. From the moment you accept an offer, the buyer is the one who calls the shots, which is frustrating to say the least. When selling to Vivo Property Buyers, this dynamic is most certainly the other way around. You decide when you want to receive full funds, when you want to move, what you leave behind and how you leave the house. It was your property until we bought it, so we feel you should be in control of every step leading up to your move.


Keep in direct contact with your buyer

In the whirlwind of the open market, there are several stakeholders at play. You’ll have the seller, the agents, the solicitors and the buyer, all communicating separately and, sometimes, infrequently. Information gets lost, messages don’t get passed on, misunderstandings happen, all causing unnecessary delays. When you sell to Vivo Property Buyers, you’ll be in direct contact with either Jantiene or Rupert, via email, phone or face-to-face in the office. By taking an old-fashioned approach, you get a direct answer, every time.


Get extra legal advice or services for no extra charge

Vivo will recommend a legal firm AND pay your legal fees for you. And if you need some specialist advice regarding your property sale, new purchase or other legal matters, Vivo will go the extra mile over other property buyers by recommending you a firm you can speak to in full confidence, without costing you a penny.


It's a fast alternative to open market sales

Selling a house is not just about finding a buyer. Yes, it’s possible to find a buyer and accept an offer from the first few viewings. But more often than not, it takes several weeks (or even months) to find a committed buyer at the right price. With complex and lengthy legal processes, property sales can be slow and frustrating, to say the least. No one is legally tied into the sale until the exchange of contracts has taken place, which is why it’s scarily common for sales to fall through months down the line after accepting the initial offer.

According to research by the Home Owners Alliance, selling on the open market is becoming an increasingly longer process, with the average now 6 months. Common reasons for house sales falling through were:

  • Buyers changed their mind
  • Buyers were unable to obtain a mortgage
  • The seller or buyer wanted to re-negotiate on the original agreed price
  • A collapse in the property chain
  • The survey highlighted a structural issue causing the buyer to pull out of the deal

Once a formal offer has been accepted, Vivo offers the comfort of a guaranteed sale, often within days, without the fear of a potential fall through.

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