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Relocating in uncertain times

Recent global events can give feelings of anxiety and stress, especially when you are looking to relocate; a time in your life for big changes. With the Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit taking place, there’s been big impacts in the stock, property and job markets. It’s especially uncomfortable when you have dreams of career progression and change. You might even be looking to move soon, in just a few months.

You could be moving due to a new job opportunity, or sticking with your current company and occupation, but you require a change of environment due to other reasons, such as the seeking of personal growth, re-energising your life or to be closer to loved ones.

Rest assured, Vivo Property Buyers can help you. We’ll inform you of the factors to be aware of when it comes to relocating, and the best way for you to sell your home to make this a smooth and efficient process.

The 4 key factors in a relocation house sale

There’s a lot to keep track of when you’re looking to move home. For example, if you’re thinking about relocating abroad, the website provides information regarding new Brexit rules (concerning European business and travel), and lists of actions for you and your family if applicable.

However, when it comes to selling your house for relocation, there are four key factors that you need to keep in mind:

1. Tight schedules – Relocating involves a lot of deadlines and good time management. So make sure to factor in new job start dates/visas/travel rules to understand how much time you have to sell your house. It will also be useful to know how long each stage of selling a house can take.

2. Flexibility – Unfortunately, selling a house isn’t always a straightforward process, which means you may need to rely on a buyer or third parties to complete your sale. Staying flexible and being open to alternative options can be key to having an efficient house sale.

3. Wasted spend – Coordinating house moves is always complicated and nobody wants to pay a mortgage for a house they are not living in. Waiting for the ‘highest bidder’ for your home may not save you money in the long-run if it takes several months to attract interest.

4. Uncertainty – After hours of planning, the last thing you need is for your house sale to fall through! Think about the people you are relying on and remove all doubt when so much could be on the line financially. Keep on reading to see how Vivo can help you with each one of these factors whether you’re looking to move within the UK or abroad.

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Your relocation options

Now that we've covered items to consider concerning selling a house due to relocation, let's look at the next steps:

Option 1: Selling your house on the open market

Homeowners seeking relocation typically favour selling their homes outright rather than renting out their property. The traditional path of selling on the open market via an estate agent may be preferred, however, if you’re seeking a fast turnaround, this method can be slow and drawn-out.

It may be worth looking at other options if speed is important for you. For example, are selling your house for job relocation and therefore have a set date which you need to move by? The time-consuming nature of the open market route can also end up being costly as you await potential buyers to express interest whilst continuing to fork out on bills and expenses for both your new home and your old home that you no longer reside in.

Factoring in the potential need to travel to and from your old home to negotiate deals and house viewings, the open market path can end up taking a toll in terms of personal and financial stress. It should also be noted that the open market is notoriously unreliable as offers often fall through and break down at many stages in the property chain. This situation can end up being incredibly taxing especially when trying to move forward in your life.


Option 2: Choosing to rent out your property

When time is not on your side, another option is to rent out your house temporarily. In recent years there have been a growing number of accidental landlords taking this approach due to the slow-moving nature of the UK’s housing market.

Our advice to you here at Vivo, if this is your preferred option, would be to make certain that you comprehensively meet the legal prerequisites for your mortgage and insurance. Once this is taken care of, there are many property apps available which will assist you in quickly finding tenants, however the supervision of the property and tenant concerns can prove to be stressful when you are relocating.

If you’d rather not find the tenants and manage the renting of your property in this way your other option is to use a property management company to oversee the daily operations, although this can be expensive and can eat into profits.


Option 3: Vivo can buy your home

We’ve discussed the options available to you including some of their perks, but also their drawbacks. However the final option we suggest would be to use a fast property buyer like Vivo. Offering a fast and secure option, it can allow you to easily and efficiently release funds that will allow you to move on, literally and figuratively.

Vivo can buy your house in as little as 7 days and remove the uncertainty and unpredictability of an open-market house sale. With less time spent selling, it allows for a smoother relocation. This faster approach could also mean you won’t miss out on your ideal new home due to external circumstances.

If you’re in the middle of relocation and want a fast, secure sale, contact us now and get a free, no-obligation offer within 24 hours.

How the Vivo process works

Why you can trust Vivo

It’s important to note that we are a member of the National Association of Property Buyers, to provide you with extra assurance. We encourage you also to do your own valuation (three different estate agents is generally recommended) so that you can decide on if the difference in asking prices for your property is worth it to you for the expedited purchase of your home.

Also feel free to shop around and see what other quick house sale companies will offer you for your property, don’t commit too early in your process until you have all the information you need at hand to make a confident decision. Your property is what you’ve worked hard all your life for, we understand this at Vivo and don’t take this for granted. We want you to feel safe and comfortable in whatever it is you choose to do with your property as it relates to your relocation.

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