Posted by Vivo_Team on December 23rd, 2016

What are your next steps?

While most of our customers choose to sell their house fast to us for convenience and peace of mind, we have also recognised that we’re a great solution for those going through a difficult time, particularly when a property has been inherited.

We understand that selling an inherited house isn’t an easy thing to do and we’re very sensitive to this topic. At Vivo, we’re proud to offer a personal service where you get to talk directly to us (your home buyers). There are no frustrating and impersonal call centres and there isn’t a high pressure corporate “close a sale at all costs” culture with Vivo.

We’ve found previous clients enjoyed these benefits for selling their inherited property to Vivo rather than the open market.

  • Losing someone is hard enough as it is. Selling a property in any situation is a stressful thing in itself. A combination of those two is understandably very unwelcome. Many of our clients prefer it to be dealt with in good time without any hiccups.
  • Often inherited properties are not in the same area as our client’s hometown, making it difficult to find a good local agent and maintain the property whilst waiting for a buyer.
  • Most people don’t have the extra time available to deal with more admin work and maintenance work which a property brings along.
  • In many situations, a property has been inherited by several siblings or other family members. Issues such as who looks after the property, who deals with the financial side of things, who is in charge, can create a lot of friction which is a real shame.  A quick sale is often desired to avoid all this.

We would encourage you to also seek out quality and impartial advice elsewhere online. Inheritance tax rules have changed over the years, so we would always suggest starting at the Citizens Advice which will direct you to the relevant and importantly, up to date Government pages and advice. The Money Advice Service also have a great guide on understanding inheritance tax and how to reduce your tax bill.

It’s unfortunate that rows over inheritance are becoming more common and we hope that’s something you’re not experiencing. It normally comes as a surprise, but nearly two-thirds of the UK population do not have a will. Every family and inheritance situation is different, but if you are currently selling an inherited property and feel like we can help, then feel free to call us on 0800 773 4922 for a no obligation friendly chat or complete a quick form below. If you’re still not sure, we even built a handy quiz which can help you decide if Vivo Property Buyers is right for you.

Whatever you decide, we wish you the best of luck.


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