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Where do you buy houses?

As a small, family-run team, we focus on buying properties in South East England. Check out our map to see if we buy in your area.

What price range do you buy?

We primarily buy properties which are worth between £100,000 and £450,000.

How much money will I get?

We offer 85% of the market value of your house in exchange for a fast, efficient house sale with no fees or hidden costs.

How do you calculate your offer?

Our offer is based on the information you give us, the historical sales data for your home and stats about your area which we find online. We share our findings with you, so you can see what we base our offer on.

I’ve heard house buying companies change their price at the last minute, is this true with Vivo?

Absolutely not. Once you accept our formal offer, that is the amount you will receive with no last-minute surprises.

Does it cost anything to get an offer from Vivo?

Our offer will always remain free and you have no obligation to accept it – we’ll even tell you if we don’t think we’re right for your situation

How long does the house sale take?

A sale can be completed (with the money in your bank) in as little as 7 working days, but we’re fully flexible and will work around a schedule that suits you.

How can you buy houses so quickly?

We’re a husband and wife team and use our own cash to buy directly. We’re not reliant on investors or banks, which helps our process to be smooth and efficient.

What is a property buying company?

As we buy property with our own money, we purchase your house directly. We’re not estate agents or middle-men, so we don’t help you to find a buyer. We ARE your house buyer, meaning less hassle and a speedier sale!

Why do Vivo pay all the fees?

We believe the responsibility is on us to ensure the process is official, fast and fair. This is why our service includes all costs related to house-buying; from a RICS survey to solicitor’s fees.

Is the property sale private?

Your property sale will remain strictly confidential, with no ‘For Sale’ sign outside of your home. We are also part of the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and follow their set of rules to protect your details.

My property isn’t in great condition, would you still buy it?

That’s not a problem! We buy sold as seen and like any other buyer, we’ll take the condition of your property into consideration for our offer.

Can I stay in my property after the sale?

We like to work to a timeframe that suits you. We’re therefore happy to agree a period of time for you to stay in your property after we’ve bought it, to help you focus on your next move!

I’m relocating very soon, I need to sell my property ASAP! Can you help?

Yes – whilst relocating may be exciting, it can be difficult if you’re an existing homeowner that now needs to sell. Our fast and efficient service allows you to secure a secure sale, helping you focus on other aspects of your new beginning.

I’m getting divorced, will you buy my house?

Of course – we’ve had many clients who have needed to sell quickly due to divorce. We understand that this situation is particularly tough and needs to be dealt with quickly and without surprises. This is why our guaranteed, fast sale along with no fees is often a good choice for couples who are divorcing.

I’ve inherited a property that I don’t intend to live in, will you buy it?

Yes – situations with inherited properties can be difficult to resolve, especially if several siblings are involved or you live far away from the property itself. We’ve helped clients in a variety of scenarios with inherited properties and find that a quick, stress-free sale is often the best solution.

I’m close to having my house repossessed, can you buy it quickly?

We’re sorry to hear of your situation – with us, you can take control and get a quick house sale, providing a fast cash release to avoid property repossession and a bad credit rating.

Do you offer any guarantees with the house sale?

Once you have accepted our formal offer, your sale is guaranteed. We can tell you how much you’ll receive, and when you will receive it. We buy property using our own cash, so are always ready to ‘proceed’ with your sale.

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