Can I trust Vivo?

As committed members of the National Association of Property Buyers) and The Property Ombudsman, we follow a set of guidelines to protect you, our customer.

Where do you buy houses?

We offer a personal, customised service and feel it is important for our customers to meet us. To be able to visit all our vendors, we focus on London and the Home Counties. Check our map to see if we buy in your area.

Do you buy any type of property in any price range?

We buy residential houses and flats in any condition which have values of up to £450,000.

How much will you pay me for my house?

In return for a fast, efficient house sale we offer 85% of the estimated market value of your property. The price we offer is the full amount you receive as we pay for all costs related to the sale.

How do you calculate your offer?

The valuation of your property is based on your property size, condition, history, market conditions and comparable evidence. Our offer is based on the valuation.

I’ve heard house buying companies change their price at the last minute, is this true with Vivo?

Absolutely not. We stick to our word. Once you have accepted our formal offer, we ensure to get the sale done within the agreed timescales, at the agreed price without any last-minute surprises.

Do I have to pay any fees to Vivo?

No. At no point will you be asked for any payment. We pay for the valuation even if you decide not to sell to us. Our offer will always remain free and you have no obligation to accept it

How long does the house sale take and how soon to I receive my funds?

For freehold properties, we can complete on the sale in as little as 7 working days with full funds in your bank. Leasehold properties can take a little longer depending on the freeholder or management company. This is the quick route, we can also work towards your preferred timescales.

How is it possible for you to buy houses so quickly?

Property sales tend to drag on due to many parties being involved, finance needing to be obtained and lack of experience. When you sell to Vivo, it’s only you and us. We use our own funds and don’t rely on third-party investors or banks. Our experienced Vivo Team, together with the excellent firm of solicitors we employ, are on the case every minute of the day to ensure your house sale gets the full attention it deserves.

What is a property buying company?

It’s easy to get confused as some companies portray themselves to be Property Buyers but turn out to be estate agents or middle-men. We are exactly what it says on the tin. We buy properties. Vivo doesn’t help you sell your house, we buy it!

Why do Vivo pay all the fees?

Our offer package is designed so that from day 1 you will know how much money you will receive and on which date, so you can plan your next move. No need to worry about surveyor fees, solicitor bills, clearing and cleaning costs. 

Will anyone know I am selling my house?

We are very discrete. No suited estate agent visits, no branded cars parked in front of your house, no ‘for sale’ signs. Your sale is private and confidential. We are also part of the ICO and follow their set of rules to protect your details.

My property isn’t in great condition, would you still buy it?

We’re here to make your life easier and buy your house ’sold as seen’. No need to worry or be embarrassed about the condition of the house or if it’s messy, we’ve seen it all and are only too happy to take on a project.

When will I need to move out?

In a standard sale, you would have to move out latest on the date of completion which means you will be moving out on the same day you receive your funds. We realise this puts vendors in a tricky position as surely those funds would be welcome sooner so you can organise your move? With a Vivo sale, there is an option to receive full funds and only move out 2 weeks afterwards. It gives you that extra little bit of flexibility!

I’m relocating very soon, I need to sell my property ASAP! Can you help?

Yes, we can buy your property in 7 working days (or within your preferred timescales) so you can rest assured that your house is sold before you leave. No need to deal with any paperwork once you’ve relocated. We’ll also take care of furniture or other items which you want to leave behind making it a hassle-free move for you. (If you are wondering where these will go, we’ll donate to charity or bring to the recycling centre!)

I’m getting divorced, will you buy my house?

Of course. We understand this can be a particularly difficult situation and selling to Vivo can help take away some of the stress by not having viewings take place at the house.  We are able to deal with each person separately if you prefer so there is no need for the two of you to meet up, to complete paperwork or sign contracts. The speed of the transaction can help minimise stress and complications. We are discrete and here to help.

I’ve inherited a property that I don’t intend to live in, will you buy it?

Situations with inherited properties can be difficult to resolve, especially if several siblings are involved or you live far away from the property itself. We’ve helped clients in a variety of scenarios with inherited properties and find that a quick, stress-free sale is often the best solution.

I’m close to having my house repossessed, can you buy it quickly?

We’re sorry to hear of your situation – with us, you can take control and get a quick house sale, providing a fast cash release to avoid property repossession and a bad credit rating.

I have missed a few mortgage payments and risk repossession. Can you buy my house quickly?

Yes. If you find yourself in this tricky situation, we understand that your priority is a guaranteed quick sale. We can complete in as little as 7 working days avoiding repossession. You may need a quick house sale, but not have a new place to move to as yet, this is where we can also offer you a further 2 weeks after receipt of full funds so you can organise your move.

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