We can do it so fast because we keep it simple.

[do action=”accordian” accordiantitle=”Own cash” accordianexcerpt=” “]

We buy with our own cash. Funds are in the bank, waiting to be used for property purchases.

We do not have to wait for investor’s or lender’s approval.


[do action=”accordian” accordiantitle=”Great team of solicitors” accordianexcerpt=””]We work with a highly experienced legal team of solicitors who specialise in fast sales. Together with them we constantly look for ways to improve and speed up the process.[/do]

[do action=”accordian” accordiantitle=”Small company – direct contact” accordianexcerpt=””]Being a small family company, you can skip on all the usual bureaucracy that we all have to deal with day in and out with big companies.  You get to speak with us directly, get answers straight away, and feel in control. All this saves so much valuable time.[/do]

[do action=”accordian” accordiantitle=”We choose wisely” accordianexcerpt=””]As we buy with our own funds, our pot is of course not unlimited. We pick and choose and invest wisely. If we make you a formal offer, it is because we are serious about it and we will ensure it is done as fast as you need.[/do]


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Wherever possible, when legal paperwork takes longer than we would want, we will take out indemnity insurances and pay higher fees to get fast tracked for search results and so on.

The cost of all this is covered by us.  This is to ensure that the sale takes place as fast as you need.


[do action=”accordian” accordiantitle=”No ‘office hours’” accordianexcerpt=””]We don’t have ‘office hours’. We ‘are’ our business, meaning, we’re available 24/7. Again, saving valuable time.[/do]

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Vivo Property Buyers is the trading name for Potrell London Ltd, The Ashridge Business Centre 121 High Street, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, HP4 2DJ.

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