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You are probably wondering how it is possible for us to make you an accurate offer, purely based on the few details you provide us with, aren’t you?

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Well, the Internet is a wonderful thing. A postcode, house number, property type and number of bedrooms can take us a long way into understanding your home’s value.

In the UK, historical property information and local sales data are both openly available. We have the knowledge and the tools to obtain all this information, mould it together, and get a clear idea of how much your property is currently worth. Overall, our experience in the industry helps you sell your house quickly.

Icon of calculator from Vivo Property Buyers symbolising how you can sell your home quicklyOur initial offer is calculated on our research, and will be roughly 85% of what is believed to be the property’s current market value. We’ll share our findings with you, so you can see what we base our offer on.

If our initial offer is close to what you’d be happy to sell for, we’ll arrange for a local independent RICS surveyor (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) to come and value your house and write up a report. We pay for this, so you don’t have to worry about unexpected fees. We also usually combine the survey with a visit from one of us – Rupert or Jantiene. This way you can meet and get to know us, which will hopefully bring you even more peace of mind.

Icon of clipboard from Vivo Property Buyers symbolising how you can sell your property in 7 daysThe report will confirm the property details, highlight any major issues or concerns, and give a valuation based on local comparable evidence and sales data. We don’t base our offer purely on the valuation report; we also take into consideration the information you have given us and our own research as well.

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We usually get the report back within 24 to 48 hours and then we’re at the stage where we can make you our formal offer.

The rest is up to you – you can take our offer, or kindly decline!

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