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In return for a secure 7-14 day sale Vivo offer 85% of the estimated current market value of your property. This includes all legal fees, clearance, cleaning and refurbishment costs. There are no fees for you to pay at any stage when selling your house to Vivo. Once you’ve accepted our formal offer, your sale is guaranteed. You’ll know exactly how much you’ll receive and when you’ll receive it. As we buy property using our own cash, we’ll be ready to proceed with your sale straight away.

See how we compare to the open market below:


Sales process
6 months Open market

7-14 days Vivo
Market value (advertised price) £400,000 £400,000
Agreed price (average 5% discount) £380,000 £340,000
Final price after post-survey negotiation (average 3% discount) £368,600 £340,000
Estate agent fees (2% + VAT) £357,542 £340,000
Solicitor fees (average £2,000) £355,542 £340,000
Cosmetic repairs to property £354,542 £340,000
Council tax & utility bills (£400 per month) £352,142 £340,000
Monthly mortgage repayments (£2,100 per month) £339,542 £340,000
Gas safety certificated £339,442 £340,000
Risk of sale breaking down High risk Secured sale

Final Price
Final Price

We can buy your property in 5 quick steps

Why choose Vivo?

Vivo is faster and more secure than the open market

Our fast and simple process allows us to buy properties faster than traditional estate agents or the open market. You will be communicating directly with us, your buyer, so you can keep your house sale private and skip the hassle and costs of having third parties involved.

Open Market
✓ Quick sale - 2-3 weeks ✘ Average sale - 3-6 months
✓ Full payment - as little as 1-3 weeks ✘ Full payment - average of 2 months
✓ No viewings ✘ Average of 10 viewings
✓ Vivo covers all legal fees with no commissions ✘ Estate agent fees, solicitor fees, cosmetic repairs
✓ No-obligation offer in 24h ✘ Average of 2 months to accept an offer
✓ Private and discrete sale ✘ No privacy or discretion, FOR SALE board, block viewings.
✓ Accept our formal offer and your sale is secure ✘ One in four house sales in the UK fall through

The difference between Vivo and the open market

Can I sell my property sold as seen?

  • Vivo

Yes, Vivo can buy your home regardless of its condition, without the need for any refurbishment.

  • Real Estate Agents

Depending on the condition of your property, this may be an obstacle to make it marketable and could require you to spend money on repairs and refurbishments.

  • Auctions

Yes, properties that need refurbishment or have issues can be attractive for auction buyers. However, you will have to pay an entry fee and there is no guarantee you will sell your house.


How will Covid-19 and lockdown affect your house sale?

Following the government’s latest announcements, Vivo can now buy houses following our usual process while complying with the social distancing guidelines.

How quickly can I sell my property?

  • Vivo

From the first contact until receipt of full funds can be as little as 1-3 weeks.

  • Real Estate Agents

From first day of marketing until receipt of full funds will take a minimum of 3-6 months, although the sale can fall through.

  • Auctions

From the first contact until receipt of full funds will take a minimum of 2-3 months, although the sale is not guaranteed.

How can Vivo buy so quickly?

  • Vivo

Vivo buys all properties with their own funds. No third parties or banks are involved. The process is simple and straightforward: Initial phone call, Initial offer package followed by RICS Valuation at the property. Formal Offer, Sale agreed and Solicitors who specialise in quick sales ensure the sale completes within the agreed timescales, as quickly as 7 days from acceptance formal offer. (2-3 weeks from first contact)

  • Real Estate Agents

Spend the first month of the process minimum arranging viewings and marketing your house. If your property is not a hot asset in the market, it takes an average of 14 weeks to finally get an offer you are willing to accept. At this point the house sale is still not guaranteed and you will need to renegotiate the contract with the buyer which usually takes up to two months. Once you’ve exchanged, you’ll receive your funds after two weeks. This means that from getting your house marketed by a real state agent to actually receiving funds usually takes a minimum of 4 and a half months

  • Auctions

Register your property with the Auction house minimum 1 month prior to Auction day so it can appear in the catalogue and so that block viewings can start. Successful Auction sale = exchange on the auction day and completion 28 days thereafter.

It is at the point of completion you will receive your funds. This mean from entering your property into action until receiving funds will take a minimum of 2 months.

Is my sale 100% secure?

  • Vivo

Yes, you are in control of your sale. Price agreed is the figure you receive in full on your chosen date.

  • Real Estate Agents

No, in the UK offers are not legally binding meaning a sale is only guaranteed once you have exchanged contracts, and this tends to happen 2 months after you have accepted the offer. A lot can happen during this time for a sale to fall through.

A study by Which? claimed that a quarter of transactions fell through between an offer being accepted and completion in 2019.

  • Auctions

No, there is no guarantee that you will sell your property at the auction. If your property does not meet your reserve price (minimum price), your property will remain unsold.

After auction sale is possible but may be sold in the traditional method meaning no immediate exchange and a longer completion date. You are not guaranteed a sale.

How much are the legal fees for the sale of my property

  • Vivo

Vivo pays for all your legal fees connected to the sale

  • Real Estate Agents

When using real estate agents, you will generally be liable to pay for your own legal fees. Legal fees are typically £850-£1,500 including VAT at 20%.

  • Auctions

When selling at auction, you will generally be liable to pay for your own legal fees. Legal fees are typically £850-£1,500 including VAT at 20%.

How much will the sale cost me in commission and other fees?

  • Vivo

When selling to Vivo, there is no commission or any other fee for you to pay.

  • Real Estate Agents

Estate agency fees: estate agent fees are normally around 1% – 3% + VAT of the final sale price. The average house price in the UK is now £230,332 – meaning that if your estate agent charges 2 per cent in fees you’ll end up paying them £4,606.64

Other costs: energy performance certificates usually cost £100 and cosmetic repairs in order to market your house can go up to £200. And every month spent in the process of selling a house will add to your council tax, utility bills and mortgage.

  • Auctions

Commission: The auctioneers commission is around 2% – 2.5% + VAT of the final sale price and that’s only paid when the property successfully sells.

Entry fee: Most auctioneers request an upfront catalogue/entry fee of around £200 to £500 + VAT, but it may be possible to postpone payment until after the property has successfully sold.

Auction legal pack – The seller’s solicitor is responsible for preparing the auction legal pack at the cost of £200 or more, which is payable before the auction.

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