Posted by Vivo_Team on August 29th, 2014

Whether you’re looking to sell your property or want to know if your home’s price tag has changed, there are lots of ways to roughly work out your house value. Here are our top tips:

  1. Neighbouring properties

Whilst the properties along your street might differ vastly in terms of size, condition, age and views, you can get a good idea of your house value just by knowing how much neighbouring properties have sold for. Sites like Nethouseprices and Zoopla offer this data when you enter your postcode.

  1. Transport links

If your house is a stone’s throw from the nearest tube or within walking distance of a train station en-route to a major city, it’s highly likely this will bump up your house value.

The majority of buyers prioritise “convenience” over other factors when weighing up where to live, and being close to local transport links is often a big factor for them… and estate agents know this.

  1. Local schools

If your local schools feature highly in the School League Tables then your house value will inevitably be higher than similar properties in catchment areas for under-performing schools. This is because many parents are willing to pay above the odds in order for their children to be accepted into an outstanding school.

  1. Crime rates

It might sound counter-intuitive but properties in a high crime area could possibly be worth more due to dearer insurance premiums. You can find out about crime in your area at

  1. Flooding/environmental risks

England is an undeniably small country, and with the population growing at an extortionate rate, land for housing developments is becoming increasingly difficult to come by; it’s just one of the reasons building on flood plains is becoming more prevalent and problematic. So, if you are at risk of flooding or could become subject to other environmental factors, your house price might be less than you expected.

  1. Selling for the asking price

Estate agent’s windows and online property sites can be misleading when it comes to the final price of a property; they might give one figure but in reality – due to property chains and an urgency to move – many properties sell for under the asking price. To get a better idea of how much properties in your area have sold for, check out Rightmove’s price comparison report.


If you’re keen to move as soon as possible, for one reason or another, you should get in touch with us. We’ll be completely honest and frank about whether or not selling with us is the right thing for you.

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