Posted by Vivo_Team on July 24th, 2014

Upping sticks, moving house and starting a new life is an exciting prospect, but with the arduous job of selling your house (not to mention packing and unpacking at the other end), there’s no denying that moving house can be hectic and somewhat daunting.

We’ve put together a host of moving house tips to ensure your move goes smoothly.

  1. Don’t lose your dream house

One of the greatest difficulties with moving house is timing it so that the sale of your house coincides with your next home’s owners moving out – and that is a rarity.

Losing the house you’ve had your heart set on can be upsetting, and that’s why more and more people are choosing to sell directly to fast house buyers – it eliminates the property chain, inevitable heartaches of losing properties and speeds up the process of moving house.

  1. Let your household suppliers know

Besides letting your friends and family know your new address, you’ll also need to notify your energy, water, and broadband suppliers.

The biggest challenge here is moving your broadband across to the new house. Where possible, try to ensure there is a landline in your new home so that your broadband can be enabled more easily. Also, sticking with the same provider will be easier (and cheaper) than switching.

  1. Hire a removal company

It’s only when people come to pack up their worldly belongings that they realise just how much “stuff” they have.

While you might think you can move your items in a couple of car journeys, realistically you’re going to need something much bigger.

Hiring a removal van can be costly but it will considerably reduce the stress of back-and-forth trips in the car. If you’ve got a lot of possessions, fragile items, and heavy furniture then a removal company (or hiring a van) is a worthwhile investment.

  1. Pack sensibly

When moving house, it can be all too tempting to squeeze things into boxes in an unorderly fashion, just to get the job done quickly. But pack right and you could save yourself a lot of time and hassle at the other end.

Make sure you pack the things you’ll need access to in a separate box. Safely storing keys, phones, moving documents, baby food – even toothbrushes will save you having to rummage through every sealed box!

  1. Consider the kids           

Moving house is exciting for children, but if it means leaving their friends behind it can be a difficult time for them too.

Try to keep your children involved on the moving day. Give them little tasks to do, like unpacking their bedroom and toy boxes. Alternatively, leave them with close friends or family so that when they arrive at their new home, their bedroom and toys are all in place for them.


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