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personal belongings neatly packed in preparation for a house move

Moving house is a big step in your life. You will naturally have a lot of emotional attachments to where you call ‘home’ and transporting all your possessions in a single day can be hectic, busy and often stressful. But fear not, Vivo Property Buyers are here to help. Listed below is our moving house checklist which features all of our top tips and advice to make your moving out day as comfortable as possible. Considering you can sell your house fast to Vivo in as little as 7 days, your moving day may be closer than you think – so we recommend you read without delay!

Plan the move

Depending on your situation, look into hiring a removal company for your big day. Get quotations from several companies to see which is the best one for you and whether they will provide packaging materials such as boxes – don’t necessarily opt for the cheapest one. If you are unsure on who to use, we recommend checking The British Association of Removers. Alternatively, check if family members can help you on the day and look into hiring a van for the move.

Packing and labelling

From around six weeks before you move, start packing up the things you use less often such as out of season clothes. Additionally, ensure all of your boxes are labelled and organised by room to make unpacking as simple as possible.

Clear your house

After packing most of your belongings, if you’ve decided not to take certain items, it might be worth asking a rubbish clearance or removal company to take these items on your moving day. If any of your unwanted items are still in good condition, look into donating them to a charity.

Cancel registrations

Close to your moving date, remember to unregister from the doctor, dentist, vet and optician etc and look into registering with places closer to your new home. Also, do the same for online services such as internet providers and look whether they would be able to transfer your service to your new home.

Update important information

First things first, ensure you’ve updated your home insurance so that you are covered from the moment you move into your new home, in case of any unexpected issues arise with the house or any contents are damaged with the move. Another important thing is to redirect any mail to your new address. This can be easily done via the Royal Mail’s Redirection scheme. Furthermore, contact your bank, mobile phone provider, TV Licensing and any other bills notifying them that you have changed your address.

Council Tax

As well as letting friends and family know your new address, inform your change of address to your local council. You may be moving to another council constituency and have to pay a different tax band. Failure to keep up to date with these payments can resort in a court case and can be easily overlooked during the busy first few months of a house move.

Measure your meters

A key thing to remember is to always keep a recording of any meters (gas, electric) or the day you moved out of your former property and the day you moved into your new one. Take a dated photograph for evidence when it comes to closing former/creating new utility accounts so you don’t more than you have to do.

Buy light bulbs

This may sound like a small thing, but sellers often take their light fittings with them, leaving you left in the dark! Moving day is often a long day and moving items around via candlelight is definitely not recommended!

Get a sitter

Moving with children and pets can make the proceedings a little more difficult. If possible, arrange for a family member or close friend to mind your kids and animals on moving day. Make sure you update the address on your pets’ name tags, especially as they may wander due to their new surroundings.

Confirm times

Make sure you’re crystal clear on what time the new house will be vacant so that you can coincide with the arrival of the removal and waste collection companies.

Keep the keys to hand

Put the new keys in the pocket of something you’ll be wearing on the day – this can be a sanity-saver!

The key to a straightforward, hassle-free house move is to do as much as you can, in terms of packing and making arrangements, well in advance, so that all you have to do on the day is close the door and hop in the car!

Although we specialise in helping to give you a fast house sale, this does not mean you will have to move out straight away. We offer a flexible service where we allow you to stay in the property for an agreed amount of time before you make your big move. To get a no obligation offer for your property, get in touch with us and you can sell your house fast!

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