Posted by Vivo_Team on July 7th, 2016

We’ll be adding a personal touch to our regular Vivo property advice this month. As part of our own home improvement, we thought we’d share our new addition – a garden office!

We needed some extra space in our home for work but, instead of asking for planning permission for an extension, we opted for a garden office which can double as a space to relax too. I’m sure anyone who chooses to work at home will know that there can be some drawbacks despite the obvious benefits. When working at home, it can be difficult to switch off at the end of the day and having everything to do with work around you can be distracting. Our new purpose built space in the garden helps put both of us in ‘work mode’ and keeps all our important stuff away from the kids for peace of mind. Despite our commute being increased by thirty seconds, it has really improved our work life balance.

Home improvement with Vivo Property Buyers

This is a great home improvement option if you have space in the garden and the sums add up for you. A study reported by the Independent suggests adding a garden office to your property should add around 5% to its value. With the average house price now reaching £288,000, that could be an extra £14,400 you can add to the asking price for your home along with another eye-catching picture with the listing.

After some searching, we decided on Green Studios with their ‘Home Office Pod’ and we love it!

Photo of Vivo Property Buyers using their outdoor office

Green studios offered custom made buildings where you can choose the size, shape, number of windows and type of roof etc. We chose this size as it fits well and leaves some space to spare for the lawn. We wanted a lot of windows to maximise light and give it a more spacious feel. The roof is sedum and it looks really lovely, gives it a very natural feel and makes it blend into the garden perfectly. Inside we went for wooden floors and dimmable lighting which can be operated with a remote from inside the house.

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