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What is a secure house sale?

In a traditional house sale with an estate agent, the sale of a property becomes legally binding, or ‘secure’, when contracts are exchanged. At this point, both parties are bound contractually to complete the sale on the agreed completion date. However, anything before this point, there are no guarantees for your sale, which may easily break down. It can also take a long time to reach a point when it is ‘secure’, and when you factor in the costs involved, a sale that falls through can be both emotionally and financially draining.

On the other hand, when proceeding with a fast house buying company like Vivo, once you accept a formal offer from us, your sale is secure and guaranteed. We’ll provide you with how much you’ll receive and when to expect cash in the bank. We’re committed to keeping our customers informed throughout the whole process, enabling you to stay in control of your property sale.

Why is it difficult to get a secure sale on the open market?

In the years since the financial crash of 2008, selling your home the ‘traditional way’ has proved increasingly difficult. Buyers are finding it harder to secure a mortgage as lending criteria has become stricter. A buyer may be interested in buying your home, but if they’re unable to secure the required funds for a mortgage, they won’t be able to complete the sale. If they’re part of a property chain, events elsewhere may mean they lose their buyer, delaying their ability to buy your property.

Therefore, selling to a property buying company is a far more secure option when compared to the open market.

With house sales falling through more than ever, it’s vital to have a buyer that you can trust. One that has good communication skills and can adapt to the changing needs you have as a seller. And, ultimately, someone that can reliably proceed with the purchase of your property with minimal disruption.

This is something quite hard to find on the open market compared to a fast property buyer like Vivo.

How can Vivo provide a secure house sale?


We use our own cash

At Vivo, we use our own, readily available funds to purchase properties, with no involvement from investors or banks. This makes the process faster and simpler as there are no long waiting periods for people to make a decision. The cash is ready and waiting to buy your house!


Proceedable buyers mean no surprises

A proceedable buyer is someone that fits the criteria to proceed with a property purchase. This could be having a mortgage in place and not planning on selling their own property, or a cash buyer that isn’t reliant upon obtaining funds from a sale to purchase a property. Selling to a proceedable buyer means more security and no delays. Plus we’re chain-free, so we can just focus on your sale.


Covid-19 secure practices

We’re still able to follow our usual property buying process, while complying with the social distancing guidelines. By not having to host viewings, we can make our service safe for everyone, with minimal fuss or disruption.

Vivo is faster and more secure than the open market

Open Market
✓ Sale within your desired timescales (as fast as 1-3 weeks) ✘ Average sale - 3-6 months
✓ No viewings ✘ Average of 10 viewings
✓ Vivo covers all legal fees with no commissions ✘ Estate agent fees, solicitor fees, cosmetic repairs
✓ No-obligation offer in 24 hours ✘ Average of 2 months to accept an offer
✓ Private and discrete sale ✘ No privacy or discretion, FOR SALE board, block viewings
✓ Accept our formal offer and your sale is secure ✘ One in four house sales in the UK fall through

You are 5 steps away from selling your house securely and quickly

You can trust Vivo to buy your home

If this is your first experience with a fast property buyer like us, we're part of the following organisations to help you feel at ease:

The National Association of Property Buyers (NAPB)

The National Association of Property Buyers (NAPB) are a group of professionals committed to providing the highest possible standards in the property buying sector.


The Property Ombudsman (TPO)

As members of TPO, we proudly follow The Property Ombudsman Code of Practice, which ensures that we give our customers a fair and transparent service. Through abiding by the TPO’s Codes of Practice, we hold ourselves to higher professional standards than are currently required within the industry, setting your mind at ease.

TPO carry out regular audits of members to establish compliance with the Codes of Practice and also resolve any disputes that may arise while selling your home.


The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

ICO are the UK’s independent authority set up to uphold information rights in the public interest, which means that all your information is private and confidential and will never be passed on to a third party.


The Federation of Small Businesses

As a family business, we are registered with the FSB to help support our small company and check that all our legal, financial and safety regulations are scrupulously met to offer the best service to our clients.

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