In this day and age, new, problem-solving inventions are abundant, particularly when it comes to kitchen gadgets. To save you trawling the internet for the most amazing kitchen gadgets you never knew you needed, we have shortlisted some of our favourites below.

  • Defrost your food faster with ThawTHAT!

Have you ever got half way through the day and realised you had forgotten to take the chicken out of the freezer for dinner? Well ThawTHAT! Is going to solve all of your problems. This nifty board thaws food up to two and half times faster than traditional defrosting without using any electricity, making it much more eco-friendly than the microwave!

Check out the ThawTHAT!Deluxe here.

  • Get the perfect steak every time with a smart thermometer

With smartphones and other gadgets rapidly evolving to help us with everyday tasks, it wasn’t going to be long before we would be able to cook a meal from our phones. Range is a smart thermometer which allows you to cook your food to perfection; there are pre-sets for meat and sweet making and you can receive notifications when your food is done!

smart food thermometer

Get the Range smart thermometer here.

  • Get the perfect pie crust with an adjustable rolling pin

It wouldn’t be a list of kitchen gadgets without at least one mention of Joseph Joseph. This super handy wooden rolling pin has four ring sizes to pop on to the ends, ensuring you get the exact thickness you need – no more undercooked pie lids!

adjustable rolling pin kitchen gadget

Roll your way to perfect crusts here


  • Slice your avocados in no time

Many of us have probably been in the situation where getting the stone out of an avocado is an impossible task. This handy kitchen gadget by OXO solves that issue! Not only does it help with removing the stone, it also has a plastic blade to cut through the skin and a fan blade to perfectly slice and scoop out the avocado.

3 in 1 avocado slicer kitchen tool

Get yours here.


  • Chill out with this instant wine chiller

We all know that feeling when you go to the fridge for a nice cold glass of wine after a long day at work, only to discover that you forgot to put it in the fridge. Well, now there is a solution! This instant wine chiller gadget slots onto the wine bottle and chills it as your pour, meaning no waiting and no messy ice bucket. All you need to do is keep it in the kitchen freezer and it will do the job for an entire bottle of wine or 60 minutes.

Instant wine cooler gadget


  • Perfect risotto without the arm ache

Quite often recipes require you to dedicate a huge chunk of time to stirring. Well, not anymore; this automatic stirrer is adjustable to fit most pots, has different speed options and lets you sit down whilst it does all of the hard work. Relax your way to perfect risottos, porridge, stews and more!

automatic pot stirrer gadget

Get this nifty kitchen gadget here

If you’re a kitchen connoisseur, check out our top 6 cheap and chic tips to upgrade your kitchen on a budget!


We recently added an outside office to our home to allow us to separate our work space from our family living areas and we have found it has helped us to have a better home/work balance. Although we wanted to get our files and laptops out of the living room, we still wanted the new office to be a wonderful environment to work in and have succeeded by following these helpful tips!

home office desk

Tech it out

By far the most important thing is making sure you have the technology to be able to do your work efficiently and with ease. Gone are the days of dealing with hundreds of wires and clunky computers; a laptop connected to a monitor, accompanied by all of the wireless hardware you can think of (keyboard, mouse, charging station) will make for a clutter-free desk with the ability to work in a more agile fashion.  Alternatively, if the budget for fancy new equipment is low, make the most of what you have with a cable tidy.

Home office white chair

Invest in a good, no GREAT, chair

Whilst they aren’t cheap, a well-supported desk chair it is a great investment. You will be spending a lot of your day in this chair and it is important that it’s not only comfy but supportive to avoid you developing any back aches or issues. For this reason, you’re best off opting for an ergonomic chair to ensure you have the support you need.

orange desk lamp

Lighting is key

All too often good lighting is neglected in a home office. Make sure you have sufficient lamps around your desk to avoid you from straining and damaging your eyes, whilst also trying to get as much natural light flowing into your workspace as possible.

Home office desk with a great view

A room with a view 

Staring at the same four walls for eight hours a day can have a negative effect on your mood, which is the last thing you want when working. Having a window not only allows natural light to flow in (essential for those all-important endorphins) but it gives you something to inspire and energise you. Whether it is looking out onto your garden or over city buildings from your flat, this view into the world will keep you happy and staring out can often give you fantastic ideas!


Clear desk = clear mind 

Everyone knows that clutter is the enemy when it comes to productivity and creativity. Leave your desk clear of mess so you can be as efficient as possible and avoid distractions. To help with this problem, invest in some shelving or storage – you can pick up floor to ceiling storage from IKEA which are cheap, whilst also looking modern.


Make it personal 

Nobody wants to be spending all of their working days in a dull, lifeless room staring at blank walls. Adding personal touches like family photos, colourful prints of your favourite artwork and other trinkets adds character to your workspace and make you feel more comfortable and relaxed, whilst also boosting your creative brain cells.


Home office desk plants

Develop your green fingers 

Plants aren’t just a nice addition to a room, we see them as a necessity! Not only have they been proven to reduce stress which is great for when you’re working, but they also increase productivity. So get an orchid or a cactus and watch your pile of work disappear…!


Comfort working

Whilst a home office is meant to be a place to work, this doesn’t mean you have to spend your whole day at a desk, in fact it definitely doesn’t mean that! Make sure you have a comfy sofa or a bean bag to kick back and relax on for 10 minutes or for a change of scenery if you are in need of some creative thinking.

Plus, if you’re always on the hunt for innovative additions to your home, why not check out 6 amazing kitchen gadgets you may never have heard of!

We’ll be adding a personal touch to our regular Vivo property advice this month. As part of our own home improvement, we thought we’d share our new addition – a garden office!

We needed some extra space in our home for work but, instead of asking for planning permission for an extension, we opted for a garden office which can double as a space to relax too. I’m sure anyone who chooses to work at home will know that there can be some drawbacks despite the obvious benefits. When working at home, it can be difficult to switch off at the end of the day and having everything to do with work around you can be distracting. Our new purpose built space in the garden helps put both of us in ‘work mode’ and keeps all our important stuff away from the kids for peace of mind. Despite our commute being increased by thirty seconds, it has really improved our work life balance.

Home improvement with Vivo Property Buyers

This is a great home improvement option if you have space in the garden and the sums add up for you. A study reported by the Independent suggests adding a garden office to your property should add around 5% to its value. With the average house price now reaching £288,000, that could be an extra £14,400 you can add to the asking price for your home along with another eye-catching picture with the listing.

After some searching, we decided on Green Studios with their ‘Home Office Pod’ and we love it!

Photo of Vivo Property Buyers using their outdoor office

Green studios offered custom made buildings where you can choose the size, shape, number of windows and type of roof etc. We chose this size as it fits well and leaves some space to spare for the lawn. We wanted a lot of windows to maximise light and give it a more spacious feel. The roof is sedum and it looks really lovely, gives it a very natural feel and makes it blend into the garden perfectly. Inside we went for wooden floors and dimmable lighting which can be operated with a remote from inside the house.

If you want to sell your house but don’t want to pay for home improvements, Vivo property buyers specialises in buying homes fast in London and in the south-east. We buy homes in any condition, so if you’re struggling to sell your home or can’t sell your home within the timeline you need or want to avoid the hassle of the open market then use our quick form for a no obligation offer in under 24 hours. We’re a great solution for anyone looking to sell houses fast. To see why you should choose us, click here.

The kitchen is often regarded as the heart of the home, meaning it is really important that it’s a room you are proud to show off. Whether it’s cooking a Sunday roast for your family or enjoying some wine on a Friday with your friends, the kitchen is social hub filled with love. So, if you are starting to feel less than enthusiastic about cooking or are looking to spruce it up before you sell your house, follow our top tips to upgrade your kitchen without forking out a huge sum of money.

  1. Paint your tiles

With the recent trend of interior fashion leaning towards kitsch country or minimalist and monochrome, there is little room for bright, garish tiles. Whilst replacing all the tiling in your kitchen is very expensive, painting them is relatively cheap and easy to do. Use a neutral cream if you are looking for a country look or be bold with a dark grey if bachelor pad is more your thing and give your tiles that all important facelift that they deserve.


painted kitchen tiles when upgrading your kitchen on a budget

  1. Paint your units

Kitchen cabinets are by far the most expensive outlay when redoing your kitchen but there is nothing that a bit of cabinet paint can’t do to make your kitchen look like it has had a complete refit. Did you know that there are many types of paint specifically formulated to revamp your existing doors without much prep? From normal paint for a rustic look to spray paint to get a more even finish, there’s a paint out there which is perfect for your cupboards.


painted kitchen cupboards are a cheap way to improve your kitchen

  1. Change your handles: Whilst painting your cabinets will do most of the work to modernise your kitchen whether you just want a facelift or are looking to sell your house, new handles finish it off and are surprisingly cheap! Local hardware stores tend to do a huge array of designs, perfect for whatever style you are going for.



cabinet handles give your kitchen a quick and cheap face lift


  1. Upgrade your flooring: The next big thing in a kitchen is the flooring. Everyone yearns for beautifully tiled or wooden floors, but these are just a huge expense and something that is unlikely to increase the value of your home by much if you are looking to sell. Instead, consider using a lino; it’s cheap, easy to lay meaning minimal labour costs and there are now some beautiful options out there that look almost as good as the real thing!


Wooden lino is an affordable way to modernise your kitchen

  1. Feature lighting: If you have an island and are looking to make more of a feature out of it, why not introduce some feature lighting. Multi-level pendant lights are particularly popular at the moment, as are metal down lighters. Whilst more expensive than your regular lampshade, feature lighting can give your kitchen the wow factor which will impress potential buyers. Oh, and don’t forget, if you are moving house you can take them with you to your new place!


Metal feature lighting over a kitchen island is a quick way to modernise your ktichen

  1. Finally, accessorise!: Nice bowls, herb planters, patterned mugs and funky tea towels are small things but finish off your kitchen giving it its own personality and style. There are plenty of shops out there offering kitchen goods at really low prices, so there is no excuse! If you fancy some really quirky additions, check out these 6 amazing kitchen gadgets you may never have heard of!


accessories can give your kitchen the wow factor and don't have to cost the earth!


If you are looking to sell, but the above still seems too expensive (or too much hard work!), get in touch with us by clicking ‘get an offer’ at the top of the page! As a property buying company we will buy your house as seen, meaning that you don’t need to put yourself under any stress or carry out time-consuming DIY just to sell your home fast.


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