Posted by Vivo_Team on May 13th, 2016

As spring becomes summer, gardens are starting to come into full bloom and sun hats are replacing our umbrellas. With the days becoming longer and temperatures beginning to rise, we’ve all suddenly realised that we haven’t paid attention to our gardens in a while and the in-laws are coming over for a barbecue next week! Before you trip on your rake looking for the watering can, it is important to note that gardens are now becoming an increasingly important part of house sales too. Traditionally, most people look inside when they are looking to sell their house, such as putting in a new bathroom or sorting out the kitchen, but more and more house buyers want kerb appeal and having an impressive yet simple garden is the best way to sell your house fast. Here are our top gardening tips to make your house look great even if you’ve not got a lot of time on your hands.

Pleasant Garden

  • Tidiness
    Our first tip is simple and anyone can do it – tidy your garden! While children may enjoy playing outside, always make sure when you have house buyers over for a viewing that the garden areas are well presented, free from bikes, paddling pools and space hoppers (the list is endless!). We haven’t forgotten about adults either, make sure any garden shed or outhouse looks properly maintained and orderly. Always ensure that any tired garden furniture is recycled or removed too, as house buyers are incredibly put off by clutter as it suggests a house may not have been looked after properly. Once the broken swing is out of the way, the next step is everyone’s favourite – weeding. While it may not be the most exhilarating job in the world, weeds take up essential nutrients, water and fertiliser intended for other soil and plants in your garden, so it is important you always keep them in check. Maintaining them will ensure your flowers and grass reaches its full blossoming potential and also that your garden doesn’t look unkempt. It is important to treat your garden like any other room in the house and ensure it is clean and presentable, as houses with untidy gardens typically receive undervalue offers.

Clean Lawn

  • Neatness
    Our next step is to ensure that when you are ready to sell your house make sure it has ‘kerb appeal’. That’s right if your house is attractive from the outside when a house buyer steps out onto the kerb, you’re more likely to get that house sale you desire. Firstly, always make sure there is a nice path en route to the front door. It sounds simple, but it’s a journey you make several times a day so ensure it’s pleasant for the viewer. In addition, make sure that any bushes or hedges are nicely clipped and any lawns are clean, neat and freshly trimmed – who doesn’t love the smell of freshly cut grass?! If your garden is a mostly non-grass surface such as decking, driveways or a patio, guarantee they are clean, glossed and replace any broken tiles. A nice touch is to paint current garden furniture and plant pots; it may sound simple but a fresh coat will invigorate the space which could be the difference between a sale. The importance of neatness can never be underestimated when it comes to house selling, especially in your garden. It shows that you are organised and detail orientated, but more importantly serious about making a sale.

Garden Shed

  • Mulch
    Now you have made your garden clean and tidy, it is time to add a bit of sparkle to ‘wow’ house buyers. One such ingredient we love to use is mulch. It is a material that you can spread on soil and flower beds to improve its fertility as it gradually decomposes, but also gives it a neat and tidy appearance. Its covering effect protects your plants from weeds in the winter but also maximises moisture in the summer. It is best to lay mulch in late spring and after you have weeded the area.

Mulch for plant growth


  • Colour
    Once your garden is ready to grow plants and flowers, the question is what ones are the best option? A classic favourite is sunflowers – bright, cheerful, and easy to grow, just make sure they don’t overgrow! Secondly, we love geraniums as a low-maintenance blooming flower that is both colourful and reliable. Another gorgeous blooming flower is sweet peas. Adding fresh colour to your garden, they are wonderfully scented which will attract home buyers to your property. We do, however, advise caution with chrysanthemums are they are quite an infamous flower type for triggering allergies such as hay fever. Even if you do not have an attractive flower bed, we still recommend you incorporate blooming flowers into your garden space. Container gardening is very popular and low maintenance, and if you paint or purchase some nice pots or tubs, they can really add style and positivity to your living space. This method is particularly successful if you have a small garden or perhaps even just a balcony if you are looking to sell your flat.

Sunflowers in Bloom

  • Garden Spaces
    Alternatively, if you are blessed with a large garden, perhaps you should consider utilising that space with a stylish garden room? They can work as an office or leisure space and, importantly, their flexibility adds value to your house. With an abundance of natural light and garden views, there are a multitude of benefits of having a garden room especially as they are also low maintenance and have low running costs. Some outhouses are used as spare guest bedrooms, personal gyms or even home cinemas, but there is a growing trend to use this space for holistic purposes. These spaces are great if you are looking to relax in your garden, and are an increasingly popular choice for those who want to unwind from the stressful days at work or simply escape the hustle and bustle of living in a city. We’ve recently invested in our own garden office!

Garden House

  • Benefits of gardening
    Another reason we advocate focusing on your garden when you are selling your house is the health and mindfulness benefits it provides. House sales are a very stressful situation, so spending time outside around nature is great in helping you to relax and unwind whatever the property situation is. The popularity of gardening for well-being has led to the rise in ‘horticultural therapy’. Often in the processing of selling your home you can feel particularly burned out or drained, and gardening has been shown to have energising effect. It has also been found to lower blood pressure, boost your immune system and be a stress reliever. Furthermore, the gentle exercise is good for you as well as fresh air, vitamin D and a renewed connection with nature.


While you should always enjoy your garden, always remember that it is a valuable asset. Gardens are the first thing people see when viewing your house so it is always important to leave a good first impression. Subsequently, they play a big role in the house selling process, so if you live in a city and have a garden, it can be quite rare so it’s important that you capitalise on a potentially unique selling point. Alternatively, if your house is in the suburbs or countryside where gardens are far more common, it is important that your house and garden stand out from the competition.

Nevertheless, if having green fingers is your worst nightmare and perhaps you do not even have a garden at all and are wondering how to sell your home fast, there is always Vivo Property Buyers. We buy homes fast and your property is sold as seen. To get in touch, fill in a simple enquiry form and you could sell your house in 7 days!

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