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Vivo’s Gardening Tips to Help Sell Your Home Fast

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Posted on: May 13th, 2016 by Vivo_Team

As spring becomes summer, gardens are starting to come into full bloom and sun hats are replacing our umbrellas. With the days becoming longer and temperatures beginning to rise, we’ve all suddenly realised that we haven’t paid attention to our gardens in a while and the in-laws are coming over for a barbecue next week! Before you trip on your rake looking for the watering can, it is important to note that gardens are now becoming an increasingly important part of house sales too. Traditionally, most people look inside when they are looking to sell their house, such as putting in a new bathroom or sorting out the kitchen, but more and more house buyers want kerb appeal and having an impressive yet simple garden is the best way to sell your house fast. Here are our top gardening tips to make your house look great even if you’ve not got a lot of time on your hands.

Pleasant Garden

Gardening can be relaxing, easy and really help a house sale

Clean Lawn

A simple and tidy garden speaks volumes to home buyers

Garden Shed

A clean and neat garden can ensure your house gets a maximum offer

Mulch for plant growth

Mulch is a simple and effective way to bring your garden to life


Sunflowers in Bloom

Sunflowers can’t help but make you smile

Garden House

Any house buyer would love a peaceful garden retreat


Connect with nature with a spot of gardening

While you should always enjoy your garden, always remember that it is a valuable asset. Gardens are the first thing people see when viewing your house so it is always important to leave a good first impression. Subsequently, they play a big role in the house selling process, so if you live in a city and have a garden, it can be quite rare so it’s important that you capitalise on a potentially unique selling point. Alternatively, if your house is in the suburbs or countryside where gardens are far more common, it is important that your house and garden stand out from the competition.

Nevertheless, if having green fingers is your worst nightmare and perhaps you do not even have a garden at all and are wondering how to sell your home fast, there is always Vivo Property Buyers. We buy homes fast and your property is sold as seen. To get in touch, fill in a simple enquiry form and you could sell your house in 7 days!

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